Enabling Asset Management & Compliance

Ensure Public & Private Assets Are Managed In Accordance With Guidelines.
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Private Asset Compliance

Private Asset Owners

Managing compliance on private assets can be tough.
How do you know you are adhering to local authority development conditions and guidelines?

Compliance Officers

How do know that the private asset owner is maintaining their assets in accordance within their obligations?

Public Asset Compliance

Asset Managers

Managing public assets come with important & inherent responsibilities.  How do you consistently ensure that those assets are managed within manufacturer specifications or within the original design intent?  How do you reconcile completed works?


How can you make your reporting process more efficient, and seamless within your contract with local authorities when maintaining public assets?

Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices

Spill Kits


Erosion & Sediment Control

We’ve got your
assets covered

Assetlogue can customise templates to meet any asset type across all industries.
Let us tailor a suite of templates to suit your needs.


Simplify your most complex tasks and automate your asset management.

Collaborate & report on assets in realtime

Work together in realtime on assets & reports.  Whether your working from home, at the office or in the field, collaborators can work simultaneously to get things done and achieve compliance.

Group & share your assets between users & teams

Keep your assets organised and stay focused.  Create groups of assets and invite other users or teams to access them also.

Monitor your entire asset portfolio

Know the ongoing performance of all your assets from one convenient location at any given point in time and track KPI’s.

Assign work orders to team members or external contractors

Manage work your way with work orders which can be assigned to any user or team both inside or outside of your organisation.

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Real Stories from Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories.

Assetlogue has been a game changer. We spend significantly less time on administrative reporting and have true visibility over all our field maintenance activities at any given point in time. Our customers now also have immediate access to all their asset data and reporting.

David Sweeney
Operations Supervisor - Cleanaway

Assetlogue gives you...

Harness the power of collaboration in your asset maintenance requirements. Take the next step towards proactive & predictive asset management.

Transparency between stakeholders

Elevate communication on all activities undertaken on assets.

Add more science to your decision making

Rely on real data to inform your decisions.

Reduce workplace health & safety risks

Identify asset specific hazards. Run your team and clients 'Contact Free'.

Asset History

Track every asset interaction and have the peace of mind of full versioning of all your assets.

Meet guideline requirements

Standardised asset templates ensure your workflows always meet maintenance guidelines.

Eliminate administration woes

Say goodbye to data handling and double entry issues. Streamline your administration responsibilities.

Achieve compliance today

Get in control of your assets by booking a demo with one of our experts.

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